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V29 ~ BlootGeven
Jan Kees Helms ~ BlootGeven is shipping now




Nicolas Melmann is on tour and he's coming to the UK !!!!


Nicolas released V17 - Soliloquios with us and has been on tour for some time. Now he is coming to the UK with events being held as listed;

London on the 16th July 2015


Hackney, London on the 17th July 2015


Bradford on the 18th July 2015





Confusion Ends - Finishers - artwork and sound sample . . . .

This will be the first ever physical release of the album. It will be displayed in a digipack pack with additional work relating to the meaning of the album.



Coming soon to Vent . . . . . Confusion Ends with the first physical release of the album Finishers.
This is truly sublime. A journey, an emotional story from start to finish. Meaningful and very touching.
This will be a digipack release with a brochure telling the story that is unveiled with music.
Sound sample and artwork to follow . . . . . .



Igloo Magazine have reviewed W I S H E S for Tim - by Stephen Fruitman.




Cover artwork for the soundtrack of the movie BlootGeven by Jan Kees Helms.

This is a single disc digipack with additional artwiork.

All artwork by Jan Kees Helms. words by Allen Ginsberg, designed by Vent-Sounds.






One of our album releases has been reviewed by Igloo Magazine !! 


Saul Freeman - Wait : Speak


The full review can be found at


Sound Sample; Track 03 I Watched a Church


Available now at



It's been a while :-/
It's been a tough time with Christmas & New Year, and then January, 12 months :'( It hasn't been easy and won't be getting better because without TIm it's always going to be horrible. I hate it, but I love Tim so much and I love the label. Tim once said that he would want the label to continue if anything ever happened to him . . . . . I may be quiet but I am always working away at something with Vent / Somehow. Designing covers and... other artwork, communicating with current / new and prospective artists, merchandise, outside companies, websites, orders, packaging, publishing, accounts, etc. etc. etc. the list goes on.
Please bear with me.

I just want you all to know that things are progressing with Vent and we will have new releases coming soon as well as more information on current releases.


Thank you for your patience.




New release coming soon . . . this will be the soundtrack from BlootGeven, a movie by StringStrang currently being performed on tour. 

More information to follow soon.


I have had some lovely feedback from those who
have received W I S H E S for Tim <3 
Thank you so much <3 

This has also been sent for review by
Igloo Magazine.
I'll keep you updated as and when the review is done. 
<3 <3 Loving you forever <3 <3

I would like to thank all of you who have contributed to this compilation for Tim. I want to thank everyone for being so patient with me and so understanding. This release is so special, it had to be perfect. Everyone has been so supportive and shared so much love and respect for Tim. 
He would be amazed - actually speechless perhaps - at the love, support and kindness that has gone into this compilation.

I thank everyone; artists who have contributed music, art and words, I thank all of you who have supported me and continue to support me through these difficult times, and I thank everyone who has shown support, love and understanding to the label.

Tim will never be forgotten and the label will continue in his name, in his honour, with all much deserved respect going to Tim David Brice. 

Thank you all so much for everything. xx 



W I S H E S for Tim  . . . . . . . . . SHIPPING NOW !!





We have had word that one of our artists has had great success with their release from Somehow Recordings . . . . A Bleeding Star ~ As Her Lantern Fire Grew Dim of Moonlight . . .

This release has reached many parts of the world, including; Sweden, Ukraine, Quebec, France and many more.


We have been sent these beautiful photos . . . . . . . .  

'Leaves' by Neil Carter will be Vent's first release of 2015. This will be a digipack with additional artwork. All artwork is by Neil Carter. 

Release date - 7th January 2015


Sound Sample:

There is a slight delay with the release of 'Veins of Leaves'. 

Carter wil be Vent's first release of 2015, this will happen as a pre-prder within the next few days. 






Vent-Sounds Christmas Release 2014 . . . . . 


Sleepland - Meditate on Fall


Sound Sample -

Vent's Christmas release will be revealed shortly . . . . 





Carter - Leaves will be Vents first release of 2015. We are starting 2015 with a digipack release - the way Tim wants it to be.

Carter has created a unique album comprising of 9 tracks, The CD-R will be placed into a digipack, specially made with all artwork from Carter himself. This will comprise of further artwork which will be chosen in the near future.

Sound Sample -



We will soon be revealing who our Christmas Release will be . . . watch this space ! 



Vent 2015 calendar

Vent-Sounds has a new 2015 Calendar. These will be sent FREE OF CHARGE with all orders placed throughout December and January. 




Aurachrome - Cosmo Bellanti - shipping now.


Sound sample -




It would seem that someone has stopped Tim's Facebook account. Whether this was done purposefully, in error or if Tim's account has been hacked I don't know. 
Either way it's pretty damn shit ! I'm outraged by this and will find out who it was.

You can cut off my fbook posts to Tim but I will never let go of him and no-one can change that. Tim and I chose to be together because we are in love and want to spend our lives together. No-one can take that away.


I am taking extra precautions to protect Somehow / vent. If any notices anything unusual on the sites, blog etc. please let me know by e-mailing me at -


Thank you



To cast your votes for the favourite Vent-Sounds release of 2014, e-mail me at - with the artist name, or the album name, or if you have a preferred single track just send me the track name. The most voted for release will  gain a certifictae, personaliised by vent and the voters will receive a special gift xx VOTE NOW. 


V25 Crepuscular - Dronefield

Crepuscular by Dronefiled is now in the Vent store for pre-order now. This will be ready and dispatched before Christmas. 


Track 1 taken from the EP Crepuscular by Dronefiled;


Pre-order available at



We will be opening a vote today for your most favourite release so far on Vent. The winning vote will then be re-produced with a brand new package including a special memoir for being the favourite Vent release of 2014 . . . . . . Further details of how to cast your vote soon . . . . . . .



Something Special for 2015 . . . . . . . 
On the 1st December 2014 Somehow/Vent will be having our first Vent-Sounds 'favourite release' vote. More information will follow over the next 24 hours.



It has been a long time in the making . . . . . . . . not quite here but very nearly . . . . W I S H E S for Tim now has it's own page - I should have done this a long time ago

Here will be all updates and details about the compilation for Somehow's, TTL's and Vent's amazing owner, Tim David Brice
This page will consist of the finer details of the release.

Welcome to W I S H E S for Tim . . . .



V16 Koen Daigaku - Foam on the Waves

Beautiful music . . . 

Track 1 - Bluebook


Available now from the Vent Store -




wINGS fOR kARM by the wonderful sETH aNDREW kLINE is now available in the Vent Store.

Here we have wonderful sounds brought together with a music video that encaptures every emotion you could possibly be feeling. Being open to interpretation by the individual listener sETH has made this piece personal for everyone. This truely is a work of art.
Not only has sETH created music and video he has also created the wonderful artwork to go with it. This is a man of many talents.
Thank you sETH for releasing this wonderful with Vent. 


Sound Sample:


Available now at: