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Ok so I know this has been a long time coming and is well overdue but the prototype arrived today for W I S H E S for Tim. It's ace, but it has to be perfect so I am making a very small adjustment and it will be printed and ready for shipping. The printers are fab and will have this ready very quickly.


This is going to be worth the wait I promise.


W I S H E S for Tim will include a double disc digipack, a brochure, 5 individual postcards with unique writings on the back from different artists, a handmade card and a poster specifically designed to remember our amazing Angel Tim David Brice. This will be displayed in a yellow folder sealed by Tim. Every aspect of this release and the packaging has a little bit of Tim embedded into it, from a poster recognising Tim's amazing work with Somehow, TTL and Vent, to the colour of the folder, the artworks used and even the colour of the hat in the artwork here.


The brochure captures a piece of art that Tim had noticed and commented on just 3 days before the 20th January, his comment reads "Surely an artwork for a release from this. Excellent....." 


Tim the artwork is being released and it is for you, for your release with special memories of a wonderful man. 


Each track, each piece of art, each colour chosen, everything about this is for you Tim, it's our way of saying Thank you, we love you, we will always remember you. Tim you are the most wonderful person, our Angel. 



Dedicated to Tim  . . . . Vent will be releasing the soundtrack to the new movie BlootGeven which is on tour from the 25th October 2014 until the 20th January 2015. BlootGeven is a movie with poems from Allen Ginsberg declaimed by G.W.Sok with live music performed by StringStrang and Post Mortem.
The opening track - Passage by StringStrang.



Aurachrome by Cosmo Bellanti - soon to be released exclusively with Vent-Sounds. 

This will be the first ever physical release for Cosmo Bellanti . . . . EXCLUSIVE to Vent !! With beautiful artwork and amazing music this is truly a magical combination providing that moment . . . to be calm, finally at peace, it takes us to a place unlike any other. 

Here is an excerpt from Track3 The Daydreams of Tommorow's Machines





Wait : Speak by Saul Freeman is now being shipped. Many of the orders have been shipped already and are on their way to those who have ordered. I apologise for the delay in getting these out and I appreciate your patience. I am grateful to you all for bearing with me. Orders are being sent as quickly as I can. Thank you again. 


This can be ordered here:


Shipping Now



Our new EP by Shintaro Aoki ~ Timo ~ released for Tim on the date of his Birth, with track 4 being specifically dedicated to Tim








V13 ~ Erinome by Aaron Hansen, dedicated in loving memory to Tim David Brice

V13 ~ Erinome by Aaron Hansen, dedicated in loving memory to Tim David Brice











V23 Roman Willi

New Release on the 6th September 2014:


天 - 勝景 


sound sample:


Shipping now



Available Now on Vent . . . .  Sōzu project with Terra Australis


Release Date 3rd September 2014




V21 - Tim

A feather that appears infront of you is said to be a sign of an angel who want's their presence to be known. 

This artwork represents our angel Tim who is always here with us to give us a helping hand. 

Shintaro Aoki - Timo - will include the beautiful EP dedicated to Timo, a small blue gift bag with a hand-made beaded tribute inside and a single white feather. 


Kokoro Iro - a track from the EP 'Timo' by Shintaro Aoki.



W I S H E S for Tim - Included is this unique poster of our wonderful Timo, exclusive to Vent-Sounds. The poster not only pays tribute to our wonderful Timo, it also recognises the wonderful work that Tim has accomplished with Somehow Recordings, Twisted Tree Line and Vent-Sounds.

The poster holds a 3" disc that has one single track on it . . . . from Tim himself.

The track is from The Sound Organisation in which Tim is the lead singer, it is entitled 'The Rain in Eden', I believe this is one of Tim's favourite tracks from the album. The band recorded this album in 1991. In my opinion it is perfect. <3 <3 <3 <3 




We have a review by Stephen Fruitman that has been published in Igloo Magazine . . . . Adzuki - Collage -



I can't thank you all enough for everything that you have done, all the dedicated time to getting things perfect, the tracks, the mastering, the artwork, the handcrafted cards, the continued encouragement, support and kind words, the patience, all of it, it means so much to know that Tim is thought of with so much love. Thank you everyone <3 <3 and Thank you Tim for guiding me, leading me and kicking me as needed, I love you so much. Thank you <3 <3



Before the clock strikes midnight - here you have another gift for your birthday. 


Shintaro Aoki has composed the most beautiful EP especially for you - we have called it 'Timo'. Track 4 - Kokoro Iko is a memorial for you from the wonderful Shintaro Aoki. 


Thank you Shintaro for this amazing dedication to our wonderful Timo on his Birthday <3



Happy Birthday Timo - your gift from us to you with lots of love forever

W I S H E S for Tim



And the final piece of artwork for W I S H E S for Tim. 

by Gerard McDermott



One of the Five additional pieces of artwork for W I S H E S for Tim.




2 days until the double release dedicated to the
wonderful owner of Somehow Recordings,
Twisted Tree Line and Vent-Sounds . . . . . 
'W I S H E S for Tim' by Various artists & 
'Tim' by Shintaro Aoki
Included in the package will be five additional pieces
of artwork held together in a special handcrafted card made by Pam Taylor.
One of the five artworks chosen by Aditya Sharma 

Shintaro Aoki is to release with Vent on the 17th August 2014. 

This album is especially for Tim David Brice the owner and creator of Somehow Recordings, Twisted Tree Line and Vent-Sounds. The album is called 'Tim' with Track number 4 - Kokoro Iro - Memorial for Timo.  specifically produced for our wonderful Tim. 

Thank you Shintaro for this perfect album. 


Release Date - 17th August 2014



3 days until Tim's double release !! 
'W I S H E S for Tim' by various artists & the special album dedicated to our amazing Timo from Shintaro Aoki - 'Tim'
One of the five additional pieces of artwork - by Ash Fallen Brightly



4 days until the pre-order release of
'W I S H E S for Tim' & the wonderful album 'Tim' by Shintaro Aoki. 
W I S H E S for Tim will be a limited edition, just 50 copies will be made. 
This is one of the five additional pieces of artwork - by Matt Dewhirst



Ok so previously I mentioned that there was going to be a double release on the 17th August. The second release is a special dedication for Timo. This will be an EP by Shintaro Aoki, it will be called 'Timo'. Artwork and a sound sample will follow.

Thank you Shintaro for this special release on such a special day. 



The mastering for Tim's compilation is complete. 
As I listen to your great work that has been brought 
together and mastered by Stefano Guzzetti @ Waves 
on Canvas, I am in tears. This is truly beautiful - 
and it's all for Tim David Brice. 
Again I am humbled by the love, respect, honour and 
appreciation that is shown for Tim, such a wonderful amazing  
Thank you Ste for mastering this release. It's perfect. 
Thank you all <3 <3 <3 <3

Here you go everyone . . . . the digipack design for W I S H E S for Tim - by Vent  



Photography by Seth-Andrew Kline


Thank you Seth. 








WISHES For Tim will be a double disc digipack which will have tracks from many different artists from around the world. There will be a brochure with cover artwork from Maureen Mcdonagh that will give details of the artists and the individual tracks.
Additionally the package will include a single track on 3" disc which will be displayed on a poster that has been made as a special memorial for Timo.
There will be 5 postcards with artwork from Matt DewhirstSeth-Andrew KlineAsh Fallen Brightly, Aditya Sharma and Gerard McDermott. Other additional elements will be included from Timo Brice & String Strang (Jan Kees Helms)

This compilation has some of the most wonderful artists performing their amazing music. The artwork is outstanding. This is being mastered by Stefano Guzzetti.

All of this is for Tim, the owner of Somehow Recordings, Twisted TreeLine and Vent-Sounds, a wonderful, loving and amazing angel that walks with us everyday.

I feel honoured to be part of such a fantastic label.

Tim David Brice . . . . we love you eternally. 



Okay, impulsive decision making ........ On August 17th there will be a double release. This will consist of WISHES For Tim and an album by a most wonderful artist who has previously released with Somehow / TTL. 
More details will follow soon.


Kiyomitsu Miyashita – ‘Approach to Beating’ is now available in
the vent store,
Artwork by Maria Anastasia Druckenthaner.
Beautiful music and beautiful artwork !
Additional artwork by Timo Brice
Sound Sample -



Today is Somehow's 4th Birthday - 
On Tim's behalf I would like to thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. A big thank you goes out to all of the artists who have contributed to Somehow Recordings with their wonderful sounds and beautiful images. Together these have brought some of the most amazing releases. As well, a big thank you goes out to all of our customers, without valued customers we could not continue. Thank you all. 

Here is a message that Tim put up on Somehow's third Birthday, as it is still applicable so I am re-posting it for Timo.

"Big thanks to all the artists involved that have contributed to it's efforts. I would also like to thank all the supporters and valued customers over this period of time - It has been, hopefully a pleasant experience for everyone."


The mastering of Saul Freemans release - Wait : Speak is complete. 

These wonderful, magical, memorable tracks, have been produced by Saul Freeman and Mastered by Taylor Dupree.


Thank you Taylor Deupree for adding your mastering expertise to Saul Freeman's album; Wait : Speak 

Update - The new release - Wait : Speak - by Saul Freeman will soon be available for shipping in the vent store. This full digipak album - currently being mastered by Taylor Deupree at 12K Mastering- will include a special postcard edition - music and artwork by Saul Freeman, mastering by Taylor Deupree.



Ok everyone, It feels like Tim has been getting on at me to keep you all informed about the label and the current situation. We don't want you to lose interest or think anything negative with the continuation of the label.

Recently I have returned to my full-time career after a period of time off with everything that has happened. As a result I have not been able to spend as much time as I'd like to - and as I have been - updating things with Vent, please be assured that work is continuing with releases and everything that is involved with running the label.

I am trying to do this on my own, so this has gone from what was a 3 man job to just me.

The plan is to always run Vent (aka Somehow). This is Tim's label and we all know how much love and passion he put(s) into it. Without Tim this amazing record label would not exist, without Nico it would not have progressed as well as it has. Tim and Nico have both worked so hard and all credit goes to them both for the success of Somehow Recordings, Twisted Tree Line and all of us with Vent-Sounds.

It may look like things are slowing down and indeed they may do for a short time until I manage to balance my home life, career and Vent. This is possible as I have previously managed home life, working, studying full time at university and helping out with Somehow / TTL and Vent.

So, please don't lose faith, I may go quiet from time to time for a while as I get used to my role of co-owner with the added responsibility that Tim has very kindly passed over to me (I'm very lucky that Tim is a very good teacher).


Thank you all for the support that you show.This is appreciated greatly 




Nicolas Melmann - Soliloquios . . . . 6 PANEL CD DIGIPACK


Available for Pre-Order NOW in the Vent Store





Nigel Samways - Satin Doll Jazz Club

We have a review . . . . in Igloo Magazine . . . 
Nigel Samways - Satin Doll Jazz Club 
Amazing review !!






The latest five releases available and being shipped now . . . . 


V16 - Foam on the Waves - Koen Diagaku

V15 - wait : speak (pre-order)

V14 - Curtain Array (EP) - Augustus Bro . . . SHIPPING NOW

V13 - First Snow - Erinome . . . SHIPPING NOW

V12 - The Secret Garden - Halftribe . . . SHIPPING NOW




Good new folks - I am back on-line and now able to continue with the Vent updates and releases. 


The next release will be Koen Daigaku with Foam on the Waves. 

This will appear in the Vent Store within the next few days.


Thank you for your patience. 


W I S H E S For Tim design package - This will be in a digipack format with cover artwork by Maureen McDonagh.

Included in the package will be a poster dedicated to Tim with additional artwork by Matthew Dewhirst and Tim Brice (the rest is still being confirmed). 


To add a special something to this beautiful album for Tim there will be a single track on a 3" disc which will accompany the full release. This single track has been decided, further information will follow closer to the time of release. 


Pre-order - 17th August 2014 - Tim's Birthday - Happy Birthday Tim <3 


New album artwork for Koen Daigaku - Foam on the Waves


This image has a very symbolic meaning for our Label . . . . . . . . 


 . . . . . . . this really touched me . . . . . . . . 


Koen wrote:

"For Japanese, Cherry blossoms is the symbol of a parting and a new starting.
So I want to show my gratitude to Tim and encouragement for Vent of the future by using this photo."
Thank you Koen, this means a lot. 

A Yellow flower just for Tim - to let you know that I am thinking of you always. 









Having previously released with Somehow Recordings it is our delight to welcome Neil Carter to Vent

Neil will be releasing an album with Vent later this year. 


The Somehow release by Neil is entitled 'Aero' if you would like to purchase a copy of this for just £5 please contact 


We are looking forward to working with Neil and releasing his work with Vent. 




Saul Freeman - wait : speak is out for Pre-order and will be up in the Vent Store later today. 


Available for pre-order from the Vent Store now -








For the Easter Special please see the Vent homepage




As an Easter special there will be some new items listed in the Vent store.
More details to follow.



It looks like Vent is becoming quite well know - mentioned on a radio show - 13th April 2014 . . . .


with Kate Carr - Dark Days. 



Wonderful article for Ash Fallen Brightly: 


Take a look at this for one of our new artists - Ash Fallen Brightly - pretty amazing . . . . . .


This is great Erik ! We are very proud to have your work released with Vent. 

This article is totaly fantastic, congratulations ! 

News update: Redbull Music Acadamy have a new movie, and one of Vents artists who is releaseing their first album with us in April 2014, has been chosen to have their image used as the official poster for the movie !!


Nicolas Melmann


Releasing with Vent in April 2014.

Nicholas Melmann's image has been used as the official image for the new Redbull Music Acadamy's movie - 'What Difference Does It Make - a film about making music'


Massive congratulations to you Nicolas ! Great work !!

Halftribe - The Secret Garden is available in the vent store now.

Joshua Carro - Outside of Time, We Moved is available in the Vent store and is being shipped Now.

A review for Kate Carr - Dark Days, recently released by Vent.

Erinome - First Snow

Release Date is the 3rd April

Sound Sample: 

Official Artwork for 'The Secret Garden' by Halftribe.

Coming soon to Vent. 

Release Date - 24th March 2014 


Please enjoy this sound sample:

It looks like I missed a holiday that Tim decided on when he put this as a new post on the blog  . . . . . 

'There will be a small holiday taken after the Kate Carr release has been shipped to re-charge the batteries. Lots of releases to still arrive in 2014. Release dates will be altered accordingly.'

I think this advice / instruction from Tim is a good idea . . . .  I will be taking a short break from everything on the 20th March. I will still be getting orders out but anything else will be dealt with afterwards. Release dates will be altered accordingly. 

You are all being very patient with me - I thank you all. 

These are very difficult times as I'm sure you are aware and I hope you understand. 

Things will be back on track soon with lots more releases and new names to the label. 


Looking Up At The Only Sky - Youichi Okano


Sound sample:

We have lots of releases this month, starting off with;


Youichi Okano 




These are available now in the vent shop -

New review from Fluid Radio for Vent's recent release . . . . .Kate Carr ~ Dark Days


Sound Sample:

W I S H E S For Tim ~ Further Artists who have contributed to the wonderful compilation for Tim . . . . . . . . 


Paul Randall

Sebastian Buccheri

Gallery Six

Anne Chris Bakker

Mathieu Lamontagne

Seth Andrew



Masaya Ozaki

Christophe Balleau

Andrea Ricci


W I S H E S For Tim . . . . . we have had
a huge amount of interest from many
different artists with this ! It's been
magnificant. Thank you to all who have
contributed to this very special album. 
It's looking like it's going to be a
double disc album with artwork and a
special design package. 
Here is a list of just some of the wonderful
artists who have given their time, skills and love
in their contribution for a very special and amazing man . . .
Tim David Brice. 
Finer details about the artwork and package will follow
at a later date. 
Listening Mirror - Jeff Stonehouse
Linear Bells
Mark Meddings
Lee Ford
Saul Freeman
Twisted Perspective
Ash Fallen Brightly
Nicholas Mellmann
A Bleeding Star
Carter & Slow Clinic  
There are many more . . . . . 



Adzuki ~ Collage is available now in the shop.




Basking in Tranquility - a mix by Tim Brice with aspects from George Vlad, Jack Braglia and Mariucz Jasionowicz

Available in the shop now. V07

V07 Erectroction ~ Fault Breccia is no longer available - Removed from Vent



New releases now available in the Vent Store, including;


Joshua Carro - Outside of time, we moved (pre-order)

Adzuki - Collage

Vlad, Braglia & Jasionowicz (mixed by Tim Brice) - Basking in Tranquility 

The line up so far for W I S H E S For Tim ~ Various Artists;
Ann Chris Bakker -- A Bleeding Star -- Mathieu Lamontagne -- Seth-Andrew Kline -- StringStrang -- Aditya Sharma -- Ash Fallen Brightly -- Tim Base -- Nick Wallbank -- Slow Clinic -- Mark Meddings -- Jeff Stonehouse -- David Teboul -- Lee Ford --

Saul Freeman -- Halftribe -- Sebastian -- Paul Randall -- Colbets -- Katie Mason -- ....


W I S H E S For Tim

W I S H E S For Tim ~ the line up so far will be revealed later on today. 

Release date to be confirmed. 

Artwork by Maureen Mcdonagh. 

JC001 Joshua Carro

Joshua Carro - Outside Of Time, We Moved - Somehow & it's FINAL release.... This is a two track digipack release which will be only made available on Somehow Recordings. Joshua shared his first release with us so it's fitting that he has his first digipack out with the label. This is a completely wonderful record.... We have no more words. All instruments by Joshua Carro, with voice from Sharon Kim. The digipack will be available for pre-order on the 15th February 2014 & pre-orders with shipping on the 01/03/2014. Stricly one per person please. Artwork, Photography & Sleeve Design by Somehow © 2013-2014. Pre-orders 15th Feb 2014.

I've been trying to keep future releases on schedule but I'm afraid the next release has been put back a few days. I hope you all understand that it's very difficult to try and keep things level when other things have fallen apart. I'm sorry for the delay.

Erectroction ~ Fault Breccia will be releasing with vent on the 17th February 2014. 


Removed from Vent - V07 is no longer available

All artists who would like to contribute to the new release - W I S H E S for Tim - I'm asking for the files to be sent to me by the 17th February.

This is negotiable so if anyone needs longer then please let me know. I am in no rush for this as I want it to be perfect, a perfect gift for a perfect man. 

Thank you to everyone who has sent me their wonderful tracks so far.

Artwork by Maureen Mcdonagh for the new release coming soon - W I S H E S for Tim.

Further artworks and the complete package are being decided. 

There will be a new release with vent, this will be dedicated to my baby Tim David Brice to show him how much he is loved and missed everyday. I'd like to do a compilation of artists, if anyone would like to be involved in this please contact me at

Vent will continue soon. We have new releases coming up as well as the release of Koen Daigaku and many more . . . . . watch this space ! 

I will keep this going for as long as I can, I appreciate your patience. I know a lot of you are still waiting for packages, they are here and waiting to reach you. I will get these to you as soon as I can. 


When things are back up and running properly I would appreciate your help. 


This is Tim's love and his passion.


I love you Tim. 

We have had some very sad and tragic news, Tim passed away last night. I'm very sorry to have to tell you all. I love him very very much and always will. He is loved by many people. 

Vent will be put on hold for a while. Any artists who have arranged releases with Tim will still go ahead. Please can those artists contact me at

I will continue to get parcels out but this may in fact be delayed for a while. 

I love you Tim forever. You are my baby   xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wax One ~ Chimes, and life is so simple is now available in the shop. 

Atlantic Coral ~ Something is now availble in the shop.

2014 Calendar is available now in the Vent Store 


This is our very first Calendar ! 


Limited stock available

Somehow Blog - Somehow will run for another several months and we will update it when we can with information and further sales, maybe even a final, final release. Thank you.


Tim - Julia - Nico


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